Why Is It Called The “Solar” System?

Introduction :

A star is such an astronomical object with which we all are familiar. In fact the biggest source of energy for earth is our Sun, it is also a star. And we all know how big our sun is compared to Earth.

But did you know ? There are many big stars as compared to our sun, Infront of which our sun is just a dwarf. So, today in this article we are going to talk about a star which is several times bigger than our Sun. And the name of that star is UY Scuti. So, without wasting our time let us start today’s article.

UY Scuti is one of the largest known stars in the universe. It is a red supergiant pulsating variable star.

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Size of UY Scuti

Mass of UY Scuti

Temperature of UY Scuti

Distance from Earth

When was UY Scuti discovered

Where is UY Scuti Located

Supernova of UY Scuti

How many suns can fit in UY Scuti

Constellation of UY Scuti

Scutum Constellation

UY Scuti Vs Sun

Facts about UY Scuti

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Size of UY Scuti :

Radius : 1.1883 billion km

As I have mentioned above, in the present time UY Scuti is one of the largest known stars in the universe.
Now the question is how big is it ? So, let us compare it with our sun.

The radius of our sun is 696,340 km While the radius of UY Scuti is 1,708 times the radius of the Sun.
(Note : The Radius of UY Scuti is 1.1883 billion km)

Mass of UY Scuti :

Nobody knows the actual mass of UY Scuti because , It is very difficult to calculate the mass of such stars which do not have any companion star. But there is an approximate estimation that its mass is between 2–8×1⁰³¹kg.

Temperature of UY Scuti :

It is estimated that the temperature of UY Scuti is approximately 3,365K .

Distance from Earth :

As per Scientists it is estimated that the distance between UY Scuti and Earth is approximately 9,500 light-years.

When was UY Scuti discovered ?

It was 1860 when UY Scuti was discovered by a group of German astronomers at the Bonn Observatory.

Where is UY Scuti Located ?

UY Scuti is located 9,500 light-years from earth in northeast of the Eagle Nebula and a few degrees north of the Gamma Scuti in the Constellation of Scutum.

Supernova of UY Scuti :

As we all know a star goes Supernova when its hydrogen and helium stops fusing. So, this is the basic process of Supernova. As I have mentioned above, UY Scuti is one of the biggest stars.

So, it is obvious that it will go Supernova after millions of years from now. According to astronomers UY Scuti is losing approximately 5.8× 10–5 M? mass per year.

So, we can say after the continuous fusion of hydrogen and helium a day will come when its core will collapse. And it is expected that it will turn into a yellow hypergiant or a Wolf-Rayet star.

How many suns can fit in UY Scuti ?

As we know the radius of UY Scuti is approximately 1,708 times the radius of the Sun. So, after calculating its volume we will get that the volume of UY Scuti is approximately 5 billion times that of the Sun. That means 5 billion Suns can fit into UY Scuti.

Constellation of UY Scuti :

It is located 9,500 light-years from us in the Constellation of Scutum.

Scutum Constellation :

Scutum Constellation, the home of UY Scuti was named by a polish Astronomer Johannes Hevelius in the year of 1684. It is located in the southern celestial hemisphere. The internal shape of this constellation is like a Diamond due to the presence of four brightest stars in the corner.

The Scutum Constellation was discovered in 1922 by the International Astronomical Union. The Brightest star of this Constellation is Alpha Scuti, while the Second Brightest star of this Constellation is Beta Scuti. Scutum Constellation is also home to the Wild Duck Cluster.

UY Scuti Vs Sun :

Size Comparison :
The radius of the Sun is 696,340 km, while the radius of UY Scuti is 1.1883 billion km which is 1,708 times the radius of the Sun.

Mass Comparison :
The mass of the Sun is 1.989 × 10³⁰ kg, while the mass of UY Scuti is 2–8×1⁰³¹kg which is approximately 30 times the mass of the Sun.

Temperature Comparison:
The Temperature of the Sun is 5,778 K, while the Temperature of UY Scuti is 3,365 K.

Surface Gravity Comparison:
The Surface Gravity of the Sun is 274 m/s²,while the Surface Gravity of UY Scuti is 0.003162 m/s².

Luminosity Comparison :
The Luminosity of the Sun is 3.828×1026 W,while the Luminosity of UY Scuti is 340,000 times the Luminosity of the Sun.

Facts about UY Scuti :

• UY Scuti is the 38th Variable star of the Scutum Constellation.
• Suppose we have a Spacecraft and we are Travelling with the speed of light around the Sun. Then it will take just 14.5 seconds for the complete revolution around the Sun, While if we are revolving around UY Scuti then it will take 7 hours for the complete revolution around the UY Scuti. Now you can imagine how big UY Scuti is.

About the Post :

We saw how big UY Scuti is as compared to our Sun and also So, Far we have learnt many things about UY Scuti in today’s article. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article. So, that’s it for today, see you in the next article. Have a good day.

Topic: Perchloric Acid


I know each one of you have heard about Sulphuric acid. So, as we all know how strong and dangerous Sulphuric acid Is. But today in this article we will learn about an acid which is more dangerous and strong than Sulphuric acid. And the name of that acid is Perchloric Acid. So, let us learn about it in detail. But before defining Perchloric acid firstly let us define acid.

What is an acid ?

Basically, An acid is a liquid with pH value less than 7 Or It is a liquid with high concentration of H+ ions.

So, now as we have knowledge of acid now let us move forward and see about Perchloric acid.

What is a Perchloric acid ?

Image credit: School

It is an acid with no color and odor. As I have mentioned above that Perchloric acid is more powerful and dangerous than Sulphuric acid. The Chemical formula of Perchloric acid is HClO4. It is very corrosive in nature and are used in rocket fuel.

(Note: It is not used directly in rocket fuel. It is used for preparation of ammonium perchlorate which is an important component of rocket fuel.)

The another name of this acid is Hyperchloric acid. It is usually found as an aqueous solution due to its corrosive nature and also Perchloric acid is a powerful Oxidizer.

Properties of Perchloric Acid :

• Perchloric acid are found as an aqueous solution.

• It is unstable at room temperature.

• And also It is found as oily liquid at room temperature.

• When Perchloric acid is reacted with water it forms azeotrope ( Azeotrope is a mixture of two or more liquids , the proportion of which cannot be changed by simple distillation process).

• Perchloric acid are capable of diluting itself by absorbing water from the air.

Preparation of Perchloric acid :

The production of Perchloric acid can be done by two processes :

• Traditional Method
• Laboratory Prepara Method

1) Traditional Method

In the traditional method of preparation of Perchloric acid, we treat hydrochloric acid with high aqueous solubility of Sodium Perchlorate.

Required Chemical Reaction :

NaClO4 + HCl — — — — NaCl (Sodium chloride) + HClO4 ( Perchloric acid)

In this reaction we get Sodium chloride ( NaCl ) as a precipitate. This is a long process and also we need to purify the Concentrated acid with the help of distillation process.

2) Laboratory Preparation Method :

In this Laboratory Preparation Method , We treat Sulphuric acid with barium perchlorate to produce Perchloric acid. And in this reaction we get Barium sulfate as a precipitate.

And also we can use another reaction for the prepa of Perchloric acid. For Example : If we treat nitric acid with ammonium perchlorate then we get Perchloric acid and nitrous oxide.

So, these are the methods by which we can prepare Perchloric acid. Now , let us move forward and see the uses of Perchloric acid.

Uses of Perchloric acid :

• The main use of Perchloric acid is for preparation of ammonium perchlorate. Because ammonium perchlorate are used as an important component of rocket fuel. And in this modern era we need lots of rocket fuel for the space exploration and navigation.

• It is also used for extraction of ore and etching of liquid crystal display and critical electronics applications.

So, these are the some important uses of Perchloric acid. Now let us see some additional Information regarding Perchloric acid.

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Hello everyone today we are going to know about Astronomical Events which are going to occur in June, 2021. In this article we will know at what exact date these astronomical events are going to occur in June, 2021. Now , without wasting our time Lets start this amazing and Beautiful Journey.

New Moon — 10th of June :

On 10th of June at 10:54 UTC, The moon will be located on the same side of the Earth on which the Sun is located. And the moon will not be visible in the night Sky.

And as we know when this phenomenon will occur then there will be no moonlight and thus we will be able to observe beauty of galaxies and star clusters.

So we can say 10th June is the best day to observe these faint objects in the night sky.

What is new moon ?
So, In short a new moon is a phase of moon which appears firstly.

Now lets move forward and talk about next astronomical event in June, 2021 which is going to occur of the same day of new moon.

Annular Solar Eclipse -10th of June:

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